American artist E.J. Taylor grew up in the Pacific Northwest. His father and the entire Taylor family were salmon fishermen; E.J. spent the summers of his childhood in a fishing cannery on Kodiak Island off the coast of Alaska with his parents and younger brother. For the rest of the year he lived with his family on a dairy horse and sheep farm.

He studied art and theater in college and later costume and fashion design at Parsons School of Design in New York City. While in New York, he worked as a designer in theater, musical theater, film and ballet. He is a member of the United Scenic Artist Union for film and theater in New York.

After moving to London in 1979, he wrote and illustrated a successful series of children's books the Ivy Cottage series. For 10 years he was an active member of NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artists) exhibiting his work all over the world. Seven years ago at the request of Helen Kish and Robert Tonner, E.J. planned the curriculum for the Foundations Course in dollmaking at the NIADA Summer conference; the response was so great that enrollment doubled planned expectations.

The ongoing mandate of the NIADA School was to provide the foundations -- the essentials -- needed by the artist to develop his or her skills in striving for excellence in the creation of original dolls. An original doll should follow the guidelines that govern any piece of art: in sculpture, it is form, movement, balance, anatomy, modeling; in painting, it is colour, harmony, brush technique, expression.


Christmas Elves Tiffany windows NYC

Christmas Elves ~ Tiffany window, New York City